Ilissa Brownstein - Family of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Ilissa Brownstein is part of a long tradition of criminal defense lawyers in New York City.  You will feel like your lawyers really know you and you family with Ilissa Brownstein representing you.

Three Generations of Criminal Defense Lawyers

This is a family business and you will feel part of the family.   Ilissa Brownstein has represented many clients that her father Howard Brownstein represented.  She's represented many clients that her grandfather Aaron Slavetsky represented.  You will feel like your lawyers really know you and your family.  You, like our former clients, will keep in touch with us generation after generation.

Howard Brownstein

Howard Brownstein

Howard Brownstein, Esq.

Ilissa's father Howard Brownstein graduated from Queens College with a BA in 1969 and graduated from New York Law School with a JD in 1973. He has been specializing in Criminal Law since 1975.  Mr. Brownstein's practice areas include:

  • Criminal defense (federal and state)

  • False arrest & police brutality

  • Family law (divorce, custody, support)

  • Personal injury

Mr. Brownstein's Bar Associations include:  New York State Bar and Bronx County Bar 


Aaron Slavetsky

Aaron Slavetsky, Esq.

Ilissa's grandfather Aaron Slavetsky graduated from City College of New York and from  St. Johns Law School. Aaron practiced law from  1941 - 1995, specializing in  Criminal Defense in the Bronx. 



Morris Slavetsky, Esq.

Morris Slavetsky, Ilissa's great uncle, also specialized in criminal defense, working with his brother Aaron in the Bronx.

Charles S. Brownstein, Esq.

Ilissa's grandfather, Charles S. Brownstein, graduated from Columbia University in 1964 and from  Brooklyn Law School in 1968.